A year ago, after months of reflexion and meetings, we decided to start a project that would go through 2017. The purpose here was to release several singles in a few months and their debut EP.

After teasing with singles: Thief, Paper Tiger and Not Alone. They finally released the Animal EP on December 1st, a six tracks project with five different collaborators (M.Maggie, Raphaella, Young Animal Hearts, Dionne Bromfield and Kate Garné).

But the main challenge on this timeline was to make their sound evolve from their tropical house debut to this new electronic future bass / trap sound. The remaining touch of Naxxos being the melodic vibe that they kept in all their tracks.

We started Naxxos as a project to vent creativity and ended up being limited by new borders. In the very first place, long before Naxxos, we used to produce more heavy hitting stuff like Drum and Bass and tried our own style by emulating early days Major Lazer/Diplo kinda stuff. Future Bass is like a good mix between our roots and how we’ve evolved over the years. In a way it’s like going one step back, but two forth. We’ve also learned from that experience and made it our prime rule to always evolve our music without thinking about how people will react.” Naxxos

Following on this renewal, we created a common element in order to fit the new artworks. That’s when we designed the double XX idea with the help of their new independent label “Le Sofa” and graphic designer Valentin Fillet.

Finally, we developped a new way to present the tracks for promo and future events, switching from a standard dj set to a live orientated performance. A year after recording Animal with singer Dionne Bromfield in London, they came back to the same studios with her to record a new live version for the online US media: Uproxx.

Keep an eye on Naxxos newest set-up, as they promised more singles to come in 2018!