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Nick Peters remix the English singer JP Cooper

At only 17 years old the young Nick Peters is getting a lot of attention and heat. The english label Island Record asked him to remix the latest single of the english pop singer JP Cooper – Closer. The remix reached more than 100 000 stream in only one week.

Listen the remix below and make sure to watch Nick’s upcoming releases by following him on Facebook.


KLINGANDE releases an unexpected collab with Autograf and Dragonette

Definitely surprising, Klingande comes back with an unexpected collaboration with US Trio AUTOGRAF and DRAGONETTE’s singer. Long time friends, Autograf and Klingande did a lot of shows together in US, Autograf used to be the opening act on a Klingande tour back in 2015/2016 and they were direct support in Klingande’s annual pool party in Miami.

Featuring warm synths and soothing chords, ‘Hope For Tomorrow’ showcases the perfect blend of all three artists’ unique styles.

Alongside the Frenchman on the track are US trio Autograf, who played London’s Ministry of Sound, Coachella, and EDC Las Vegas as part of a hectic 2017 touring schedule. They’re joined by Canadian trio Dragonette, who have amassed over 45 million Spotify streams on their Martin Solveig and Mike Mago collaborations ‘Hello’ and ‘Outlines’.

‘Hope For Tomorrow’ is the latest in a long-line of huge anthems for the French producer, who broke through with ‘Jubel – surpassing over 100 million streams on Spotify to date. Acting as an aural embodiment of all three artist’s melodic-pop styles, ‘Hope For Tomorrow’ serves as Klingande’s follow up to his previous single, ‘Pumped Up’ a clever rendition of Foster The People’s infectious original version. Set to add to the Frenchman’s thrilling year ahead, it’s certain that ‘Hope For Tomorrow’ will add to the excitement surrounding Klingande.


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NAXXOS first EP and new set-up

A year ago, after months of reflexion and meetings, we decided to start a project that would go through 2017. The purpose here was to release several singles in a few months and their debut EP.

After teasing with singles: Thief, Paper Tiger and Not Alone. They finally released the Animal EP on December 1st, a six tracks project with five different collaborators (M.Maggie, Raphaella, Young Animal Hearts, Dionne Bromfield and Kate Garné).

But the main challenge on this timeline was to make their sound evolve from their tropical house debut to this new electronic future bass / trap sound. The remaining touch of Naxxos being the melodic vibe that they kept in all their tracks.

We started Naxxos as a project to vent creativity and ended up being limited by new borders. In the very first place, long before Naxxos, we used to produce more heavy hitting stuff like Drum and Bass and tried our own style by emulating early days Major Lazer/Diplo kinda stuff. Future Bass is like a good mix between our roots and how we’ve evolved over the years. In a way it’s like going one step back, but two forth. We’ve also learned from that experience and made it our prime rule to always evolve our music without thinking about how people will react.” Naxxos

Following on this renewal, we created a common element in order to fit the new artworks. That’s when we designed the double XX idea with the help of their new independent label “Le Sofa” and graphic designer Valentin Fillet.

Finally, we developped a new way to present the tracks for promo and future events, switching from a standard dj set to a live orientated performance. A year after recording Animal with singer Dionne Bromfield in London, they came back to the same studios with her to record a new live version for the online US media: Uproxx.

Keep an eye on Naxxos newest set-up, as they promised more singles to come in 2018!

MICHAEL CALFAN matures with new urban inspired house sound

Michael Calfanthe French DJ who is closing the gap between the mainstream and the underground with his kaleidoscopic house sound – will release a new urban infused single entitled ‘On You’.

‘On You’ is Michael Calfan’s return to the international DJ scene and is as catchy as it is distinct, marking the Parisian artist’s latest musical evolution. Topped up with a revamped ‘french-touch’ sound, ‘On You’ plays with smooth RnB vocals alongside jittering afro house grooves – sure to find a warm welcome from underground tastemakers and mainstream playlisters alike.

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New music coming soon

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UNITY PUBLISHING - Writing Camp #3

Following up on our intention to develop the publishing activities through Unity Publishing, we held our third writing camp this year, returning in one of the best locations of London, the Miloco Orinoco complex. The possibilities of this place allowed us to bring seven producers this year from December 6th to December 9th. Amongst this class of 2017 we had a few veterans that assisted to the three annual editions of the camp like Fabich and BCX for the producers, Raphaella for the singer-songwriter and even two engineers of Miloco – Billy Halliday and Sam Harper. We also had the pleasure to work with Nick Peters, Addal, Mozambo, Naxxos and Betical.


This 3 days’camp represent an organization six months in advance, we’re working to bring the best topliners / writers / singers to match each producer’s project universe. Every day was divided into two sessions of six hours in order to make most of the studio time and that all producers could experiment each studio.

If you want to learn more from our writing camp, you’ll find 2 videos of the first and second year camps on the Unity Publishing page of our website.

CARTE BLANCHE the playlist curated by Unity Group artists

We are excited to present you « Carte Blanche » a monthly takeover playlist hold by artists only. In French, Carte Blanche means to give complete freedom to act as one wishes. We believe it’s the perfect approach to discover an artist universe and his influences.

Each month you’ll be able to discover an updated playlist, we hope that it will help you to know better our artists while discovering some new music.

First Carte Blanche is given to German producer ‘Ferdinand Weber‘. For this selection he said “I combined some of my all time favorite club tunes with newer tracks I´m playing in my current sets. One thing is clear – it´s all about house music – it doesn’t matter if its deep/uk/french/tech…house, I´m searching for the special vibe.” Finally we topped that playlist with his latest release “I Don’t Need Nothing (featuring Ruby Francis)“.

Listen / Follow the « Carte Blanche » playlist on Spotify or Deezer.

NICK PETERS joins the roster

At only 17 years old, the promising producers Nick Peters already released several electro pop tracks which are counting millions of Spotify streams. The French Native from Tours joined Unity’s roster as a co-management with 2night management.

More infos about Nick Peters


KLINGANDE came back to his hometown in a stadium

One very particular gig was part of Klingande’s worldwide summer tour, the first edition of the North Summer Festival. Unique for a lot of reasons, including that he was playing before the international star acts Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber, but also special because it was held in one of the biggest indoor venue in France, the Pierre Mauroy stadium, in Lille the hometown of the artist, where the first steps of his career begun.

This event was full of emotions for the artist and Unity Group’s team as it symbolizes the journey and work that has led Klingande from a bedroom producer to an international act, from a 500 people first gig to a 30 000 capacity stadium.

Video by Pictionary Productions / Pictures by Geoffrey Hubbel

KUNGS - Biggest French artist of 2016 in export

On the early months of 2016, we’ve launched the career of Kungs with his first original release, This Girl.

After becoming the summer anthem of 2016, the 2nd most shazamed track of 2016, the single will also be certified 18 times Diamond in export, which makes Kungs the biggest French artist of the year in export single sales*.

We would like to thank on this occasion all the people at Unity Group and Unity Publishing involved in that project; and the collaboration with Barclay’s label that have made this possible.

*Source: Bureau Export 


Building up on that good numbers, we also designed a tour in collaboration with CAA and Live Nation for 2018. The 2018 tour includes some of the best festival in the world: Ultra Miami, Coachella, Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Main Square, Parookaville and Summer Sonic.

You can follow the adventure of Kungs around the world with the mini-series that we developed in collaboration with Digital Nak on his Facebook page.

Spring releases

Spring season is coming up, and it’s full of new releases from the Unity Group roster:

First one is called after what we all expect from this new season, Sun, by Ferdinand Weber. The german producer brings all the sunny vibes of House music. Out on Love and Other Things

Betical, latest arrival on the roster are about to spread their mysterious nickname with their first original release,  Bring it Back. They are putting a huge bassline on this clubtrack and we love it!

In addition to that release, they were also selected on the official remix package of Feder‘s new single – Back for more

Naxxos are still on fire with their one month/one release ratio. Uncovering a new original, Paper Tiger, made at the last Unity Publishing writing camp with the unique talent Raphaella. Out on Le Sofa

Addal mixed his italian deep house touch with a new Californian talent, Nombe, the result is a great rework putting in highlight an amazing guitar riff.

Also on fire on the remix side, here’s the 4th remix of the year for Addal, flipping this time the French singer Julien Doré for his single of the Summer Coco câline.