Nick Peters

Artist : DJ set

Nationality : French

Territory :  Co-management & Booking worldwide


Immersed in a musical and creative family environment from an early age (his father is a musician), Nick’s taste for electronic music emerged while he was still only in middle school. Endowed with great knowledge of the electronic scene for such a young age, he ventured in to music production, just to see what would happen…

In 2017, he released the single « Release me » online and the outcome was breathtaking, with 6 millions plays in over 25 different countries. 

Driven by those amazing results, Nick pursued his work and delivered more productions and remixes, for Major Lazer and JP Cooper, to name just a few. As time has gone by, Nick has continued to seduce millions of fans, who have no idea that the young producer reached the prestigious Spotify Viral in a number of countries worldwide with no previous exposure.   

2018 will be a decisive year for Nick with its challenges : seducing a larger audience with his 1st official single « With You On My Mind », strengthening his position as the French electronic scene’s whizz kid … and preparing for his final exams.