Artist : DJ set

Nationality : French

Territory :  Booking & Management worldwide


Betical is a french based duo consisting of brothers Max & Martin Hoet respectively 18 and 22 years old. When they were 10, these kids were already into pop-electronic music mainly from the French touch movement. From Phoenix to Daft Punk through Saint Germain and Demon these beats forged the first musical landscape of the siblings. A few years later, as a second chapter of their musical influences, came electronic artists such as Justice, Digitalism or Mstrkrft. This essential listening was more and more into a club oriented direction abandoning year after year these pop-rock influences for a soul and industrial sound.


Betical has been officially created in 2014. Before this year, Max & Martin were producing their stuffs on their own. Problem, there was only one computer at home and the device was immediately stormed by the brothers in order to open Ableton. Until the day they said each other: « Well, maybe we should produce together instead of fighting to get access to the laptop ». Realizing that “Alphabetical” from Phoenix was their favorite album of all time, their alias came up as an evidence, Betical was established.


Huge consumer of electronic music, the productions from Tchami, Disclosure, Flume and DJ SNAKE inspired them to create their very first track « Vibration ». A few weeks after posting it on Soundcloud, the likes and reposts started to get higher and higher to reach more than 200K plays. Their music is a crossover between industrial sounds and aerial vocals.