Artist : DJ set

Nationality : French

Territory :  Publishing


Since his first cover posted on Soundcloud back in January 2015, Aslove already gained a lot of attention. Supported by several international blogs, his music gets a pop and housy touch, always brightened by a vocal touch and smartly balanced for both dancefloors and radios.

Part of the new French electronic generation, Aslove released his first radio hit in February 2017. Based on a Mia Wray’s cover of ‘Put Your Records On’ from Corine Bailey Rae, this track quickly became one of the most played by French radios in 2017. Sweet guitars, subtle percussions, groovy beats, catchy melodies, his musical recipe is trendy without copying anyone. With more than 200K views on Youtube under three months, the video clip shot in New York was an other great spotlight for him and the success around this first official release was global. With hundreds of thousands requests on Shazam and more than 5 million streams on this first official release, Aslove managed to satisfy music fans from all around the world. Only aged 22, this skilled DJ, guitarist and self-made producer is ready to spread his refreshing vision of Dance Music, which is far away being straight to the dancefloor.

His remixes for Katy Perry & Carla Bruni have already underlined a more subtle and musical approach when he’s in the studio. Early 2018, his first EP ‘Prefaces’ shall confirm his talent, with three original songs showcasing his wide artistic direction. Influenced by disco-funk as much as pop-rock, Aslove’s creativity has no limits and shapes into a timeless electronic music for dancers and diggers. No doubt, Aslove is definitely one of the uprising new talents hailing from France.