Broken back

Artist : Live

Nationality : French

Territory :  Management worldwide


Broken Back aka Jerome Fagnet is a french musician from St Malo. Influenced by Buena Vista Social Club, Hozier and Cat Stevens, the young man blends his melodies with pop harmonies, electro folk tempos with a playful voice. Although music remains his first passion – classical and jazz at the St Malo’s Conservatory and 10 years of tuba – he was not intended to be a professional musician.    

In 2012, whereas he was finishing his studies and already had two start ups on the pipe, he accidently displaced one of his vertebraes and finds himself forced to immobilization. Spare time he used to autoproduce his first EP of 5 songs, Dear Misfortune , Mother of Joy, which received great critic from the press, The track Halcyon Birds reached more than 30 million of streams.

His duo with the melodic house pioneer Klingande, titled Riva reached almost 7 million plays on Soundcloud and 6 millions on Youtube. While performing live, the artist offers a genuine gig where he plays guitar and sings, attented by his fellow drummer.

Jerome keeps concentrate all of his energy on Broken Back project, for the greatest delight of his fans.